The Verus Health Name and Logo

Verus Health provides only Authentic Health Insurance. The name Verus Health comes from ver/us (Latin), an adjective meaning true, real, actual; truthful; right, reasonable. It is one of two definitions given in Latin for the word authentic. Hence, Verus Health is Authentic Health Insurance.

The Verus Health logo has great significance. It reflects the cornerstone principles of the company.

The three boxes up front have multiple meanings. The three boxes represent the trinity. Additionally, they are in black and white as an indication that the issues, which are at the core of the company's work, are really black and white…either one is working to promote a Culture of Life, or one is working to promote a culture of death.

The 'V' stands for Verus as well as for Victory in our objective of promoting the Culture of Life. It is in red, since red is the color of Pentecost. The message of Pentecost is important and relevant to our work since at Pentecost the Holy Spirit energized the apostles to go forth to do the work of spreading the Gospel, much as we go forth to promote a different culture in the health insurance industry. Red also signifies the blood of life and the blood of Christ.

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