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What makes Verus Health Unique?

Verus Health is unique in that it is a firm that is owned by a Catholic gentleman, and does all of its business in ways that are consistent with Catholic teaching. This includes all of the work of plan management, Plan Document drafting, claims adjudication, etc. We do not exclude abortions in some plans and include it in others, for example, as many others might. No other firm in our business makes this complete commitment today.

What types of groups can Verus Health serve?

Verus Health provides complete administration and plan management services to self-insured health, dental, vision, prescription and Section 125 plans. It can do this for any group of more than 100 employees. Prospective clients should be aware of the types of plans the company will administer. Verus Health will not be all things to all people.

Our employees seem to like having a local/big company logo on their ID card. Can we retain that?

If a particular logo is more important to your employees than support of life, Verus Health cannot help you. Your employees will need to become more educated on these issues. If it is important to your employees to be able to say, "The company that serves us affirms life with all that it does…" then Verus Health is right for you.

Similarly, we think our current health insurance plan provider gives our plan pretty good pricing due to its managed care network. Does Verus Health offer local network access or other competitive alternatives?

Yes, Verus Health accesses competitive managed care networks across the United States, and this can help manage costs effectively. Additionally, where there are opportunities to access networks based around Catholic healthcare providers, or other healthcare providers with similar philosophies, we will do so. Verus Health will be cost-effective when compared to other plans.

We have a consultant/agent/insurance broker who has worked with us for some time. Can we retain the services of that person/firm?

Of course, if you so desire, Verus Health can work with your trusted advisors.

We do not have a consultant/agent/insurance broker. Can we still work with Verus Health?

Yes. We can even recommend sound advisors when needed.

Our current plan already excludes abortion. What more can Verus Health do for our plan?

It is a good start to be conscious of what is in one's health insurance plan. And rewriting one's plan to exclude objectionable coverages is a logical first step. Many then graduate to thinking about their business partners, how those business partners conduct the balance of their business and what those business partners do with their profits. Verus Health can make the statement that all of the business we do is life-affirming and consistent with Catholic teaching.

Our current plan is fully insured. Why should we consider self-insuring?

There are several reasons to consider self-insuring. The first is the ability to gain complete control over the language in one's plan. Second, as a stand-alone self-insured plan, your premiums are not being channeled into a carrier's risk pool that is paying for procedures you may find repulsive and morally objectionable. Third, there are significant financial advantages to self-insuring including better cash flow control, reduced overhead, lower premium taxes and the ability to hold one's own reserves.

What is required to provide us with a proposal for our plan?

  1. A current census is required. This should include name, date of birth, sex and coverage (single, employee & spouse, etc.) for those on the plan.
  2. Paid claims by month for two full years, plus the current year to date should be included. Show the enrollment count for each of these months.
  3. Large claims over $10,000 should be listed for the time periods noted in #2, detailing total amount paid, diagnosis and prognosis. In other words, how much did this claim contribute to the total paid, what caused this large claim, what is the current status, and what is the outlook for the future?
  4. A current plan booklet is required.
  5. Include any notes about what you would ideally like to see in your plan.

You can email this information to or you may send by mail to:

Mr. Tracy Williams
Verus Health, LLC
P.O. Box 68206
Indianapolis, IN 46268

If you have additional questions, please submit them to

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